Turing defeated! (Either that or we’re no longer human)

So, I have an Idea. Yes, and idea with a capital I, that means something.

There is a fairly simple way to beat the Turing test completely (as in no room for doubt, the computer is indistinguishable from a human): make the computer pretend to be a troll. I don’t participate in many online discussions anymore, but in the late 90’s and early 00’s, I remember there being a couple of trolls (especially on religious discussion groups) who were insufferable and inevitably landed back on the same arguments over and over again (no matter what the topic). My favorite (read: loathed him with the passion of a million burning suns) troll was Jeff. No matter what you said, his response was (inevitably), “The Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon! Come out before you all burn in hell!” I found this especially amusing when he was talking to non-Catholics.

The thought occurs, Eliza was simple enough without there being the concept of a troll. What would happen if you simply created a modern version of Eliza, hooked it up with a username and password, and sent it forth on some discussion thread? Ideally, somewhere that opinions are constantly heated — maybe a Lisp discussion group (it’s funny, because they’re all opinionated), or TNG vs. TOS (it’s funny because Kirk could totally take Picard in a fight)(religion is too easy). I submit that a properly primed program would be far better than most of those who show a trollish tendency.

So, now that I’ve finally beaten Turing at his own game, what is my next goal? To prove that the trolls are human to begin with.

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